Back during SXSW Caterina posted about FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out. I'm a big consumer of social media but sometimes I realize I’m consuming because of FOMO rather than having time or an interest in what people are sharing at that moment.

When I first read her piece we were deep into MLKSHK and trying to get it out the door. It stuck with me that I was very likely helping to create FOMO for our users and I wanted to be sure we gave them some control over that.

One feature of MLKSHK is the bookmark. It looks like this:

A bookmark gets automatically generated when you first hit MLKSHK and will (try) to stay in that location even if adjacent files are deleted.

The part that says “You started reading here 5 minutes ago” is how it launched about two months ago. As you read through your paginated stream you would run into your previous location and know that you had caught up. The problem with this is that it sometimes felt like a bottomless pit. When am I going to hit the end?

We just added the second part: “Jump to previous”. This allows you to jump back in time to your last bookmark and begin reading forward. You’ll be able to get an idea how far back you are by the post times on files.

We have a lot more ideas on how to combat FOMO. I hope to be showing you some more of them in the coming weeks as we roll them out.

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