Icon For the last couple of weeks I’ve spent hours solving, playing, and re-playing a game called The Last Rocket by Shaun Inman.

The main game itself could probably be finished in one sitting if you have a bit of time. The controls are very simple to understand, but require a play through to get enough practice to have the timing right. Once you get the two ways to control the main character figured out the game gets even more fun.

Quickly: the style of the game is commonly referred to as retro or 8-bit. The music is appropriately chip-tuned. The graphics are some of the best pixel animations I’ve ever seen. There is so much animation in these little characters that part of the entertainment is just watching them cycle through.

Of all that TLR has going for it, it’s the genius in the level design and timing of the elements inside of them where I was won over. Once you’ve played a level many times, and return to it trying to get a different achievement, the level feels completely brand new. This sort of planning is amazing when you see it.

I’m kind of in awe that this game exists. There is so much stuff in it worth going on about but I didn’t want to give too much away. I wrote this because I wanted to make sure anyone who likes this style of gaming doesn’t miss out on this game. It’s easily one of my favorite iPhone games I own. More here.

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