I had a really nice birthday today.

I was alone in my office and away from son who is too sick to go to school, so I was a bit sad about that. But then someone on Twitter remembered it was my birthday, and as other people noticed they wished me a happy birthday. I was on a conference call with a client and they broke into a happy birthday song at the end of the call.

I put a good day in and got some stuff done, but I’m leaving a bit early to spend the rest of today with my family.

I briefly mentioned it in our last State of the Shake but this has been a very challenging couple of months for us as we split our time between contracting and working on MLKSHK. When I left my job I signed up for challenging so it’s to be expected, but this was a nice way to end the month.

Thanks, friends.

before this i wrote marking spam for fun after this i wrote hackers


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