I’ve been meaning to point to Adam’s new site: Decommodify.

He just posted about his frustrations with his alarm clock. While I don’t use an alarm clock, we do have a clock in our bedroom* that I absolutely love simply because I don’t think about it much.


Right up until I read Adam’s post I forgot that we even have this in our room, yet I look at it several times a day when getting ready to go to work or to bed. It’s my dream clock and I wish I knew how to get more because I would fill my house and office with them.

I joked with Amber the other day that I’d be more of a minimalist if I could just stop being a nostalgist. Every time I sit down to throw stuff out I run into that dumb painting my co-workers got me for that one birthday or a CD that rode with me in my little pickup as I made deliveries in Los Angeles over fifteen years ago.

I didn’t upgrade my iPhone4 to the 4s and very likely won’t. It’s not because I’m attached to this version I’ve carried with me for a while now (it’s actually a replacement for the one I originally purchased). It feels more due to that clock up there. They really got this one right and other than a new camera (this one is fine for pictures of my son) I don’t see a reason. The phone has sort of blended into my life in a way that a faster chip or better camera isn’t going to change much.

I will probably upgrade when this one breaks. I wish I could for that clock.

* It appears you can purchase one here I’m not 100% sure that is the same, but it looks like it.

before this i wrote glitch after this i wrote novimber


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