Yesterday Berg announced two products, The Little Printer and Berg Cloud. Everyone was pretty excited about this little printer. It’s so damn cute!

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

But the really cool thing here is Berg Cloud. Well, potentially cool, since we’ve just seen video of it. But together they make me, a developer and lover of small, cute things, really excited. So excited that I checked out the price of thermal printers and found out they are staggeringly expensive.

But then I remembered I already own a thermal printer. A cheap one that prints labels. So I researched a little more and figured out how one could have their own thermal printer to hack away on:

  1. Buy a Dymo LabelWriter.
  2. Buy this continuous thermal paper.
  3. Use the Dymo JavaScript SDK.

Not as cute as the Little Printer, but appears to do the printing part of the equation. Mine prints pretty detailed stamps, so I think it should handle graphics like the ones that were in the demo. I haven’t gotten my hands on the continuous thermal paper yet, so I can’t say if the SDK will give as much control over printing, but it seems like a fun project if you’re looking for one.

before this i wrote novimber wrap up after this i wrote vim: revisited


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