I just watched this video of the $25 Raspberry Pi beta board (via jwatt):

It reminded me of something I wish I could go out and buy right now. I want something the size of my Jambox but instead of an audio receiver and speakers inside, I want a tiny computer that is doing a number of things for me.

The first thing I’d want it to do is back-up files from our computers and then push them (delayed) to the cloud when I am at work or sleeping.

The second would be a web server I could use to develop apps for. I have these app ideas that I want to live in my house rather than on a server someplace I have to maintain. Things like address books and calendaring between my wife and I. Stuff I want to own, not depend on some outside service.

Don’t you want to buy that little box? I sure do.

Since I’m asking, another thing I want is an iPod Touch with everything it currently has PLUS a 3g data connection. I basically want my iPhone without a phone. Who needs to carry around a phone? (More on this later, maybe today).

Two helpful links arrived through Twitter after posting. First @wezm points me to some existing off the shelf boards and @pfibiger points out these are called “plug computers” and gives me a great link to start learning more about them.

before this i wrote the object of the game after this i wrote music in 2011


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