Thirty five people changed their Pennsylvania license plates to invite Jessica Hische to come speak to their organization. See it at:

When you swing a guitar without strap locks.

YES! Art for our office. Signed and numbered print called Bird Vision by Lisa Hanawalt:

You can get your own here.

Someone followed to clues in the song to figure out when Ice Cube had a “Good Day”.

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If you’re upset, confused, alarmed, and/or concerned about Twitter’s new policy of censoring tweets at a country-level, this is worth reading: Why Twitter’s new policy is helpful for free-speech advocates .

“What can you tell a person you been wit’ for forty years?”

Italianamerican (dir. Martin Scorsese; 1974)

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An interview with Jason Kottke on The Verge. Jason’s blog is still, consistently, the blog to read. Even more so now that he’s able to draw from Stellar.

I have two invitations to Stellar to hand out. Just ask: @torrez.

I’ve become fond of a weblog called Everyday Carry. When I decided to dust off my newsreader I asked some friends for their OPMLs so I could see what they were reading and Everyday Carry was one that came in a bundle of consumer-centric feeds Adam Mathes read for Decommodify.

The basic idea is people send in photos of what they carry every day, with a little summary of what the items are and possibly a little backstory on how they acquired the item. The goal seems to be minimalism crossed with preparedness, and so there is a theme amongst the enthusiasts that I’ve been able to observe. Most carry a light, a bit of rope, a hook of some sort, a small number of keys (usually one), a knife, a wallet, and a watch.

Each post has a followup by the editor thanking them for the contribution and praising or offering a gentle suggestion about how they could achieve a more efficient everyday carry.

There are no Amazon encoded links to buy your own, that feels noteworthy.

Some time ago I decided I would not carry a bag and laptop into work. I keep my work iMac at the office and commute with only my keys, a wallet, and iPhone (with standard earbuds). My keys have an Inka Pen keychain that has saved me more times than I can count.

I don’t imagine I would ever submit to Everyday Carry, but the site is a bright spot as I read through my feeds.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blatant, obvious rip-off of a design by a clothing company.

Normally I wouldn’t get this upset, but this design in particular was made for my wife as a gift so it really hurts to see it stolen.

Tumblr ly4aoeKp3q1qavw76o1 1280

I can hardly believe this is true: Gary Taxali was commissioned to design the backs of six 25¢ Canadian coins.

The backstory is a great read, including the bit about the origin of his own last name.

Birthday f C3 A0te

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