Tim O’Reilly on SOPA and lobbyists (emphasis mine):

The mismatch between Silicon Valley and Congress isn't just that Silicon Valley isn't engaged enough with lobbying Congress, but that Silicon Valley has this outmoded idea that your ideas succeed when they are right, as proven in the marketplace, rather than because you were better at making a backdoor deal than the next guy.

Tech Industry Buys Itself a Mouthpiece

"It's a long list," Lacy conceded in the announcement. "And there is a simple reason we spread the syndicate widely: This is a news site built for the startup community, so the more of them that are a part of it, the better."

I know where Tim was going with that paragraph and his posts on SOPA/PIPA are must-read thoughts on the problem, but I think that sentence reflects for me the thing that is a bit discouraging about Silicon Valley.

I still want to see an independent tech weblog that covers the many startups and subjects I never see listed on the current tech blogs. I hate seeing a glowing post about some new startup and know the writer and CEO regularly joke with each other on Twitter. I hate when a popular startup is given a pass because most of the writers attended the founder’s bachelor party or got an exclusive on a new feature.

This is the game that goes on and the righteous belief that there isn’t one bothers me.

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