A thing I’ll be doing to track my music for the project is summing up my favorites for the month.

Though January was rough, so far I think I found three good albums I’ll be listening to all year. If you have Rdio then you can play the albums in-line. Otherwise I included links to their Amazon pages where you can play them.

Palomar was a nice surprise. Turns out I actually remember when the band was getting started because a member of a site I run was in it and he sent me an album. Small world. [Amazon]

Dead Dog reminds me of the bands I used to see in the mid-90s in Southern California at places with names like No Life Records, The Ukranian Hall, Dizzy Debbies, or some random strip-mall record store in the Valley or Orange County. Loud and fuzzy 2-minute songs that were always under the spectre of being shut down any minute. That whole time in my life I was incredibly young and just wanted to hear loud music, get drunk, and have an excuse to do really stupid things. Anyway, here’s Dead Dog. [Amazon]

Cloud Nothings. I haven’t figured out this album yet. It’s unlike their last album (which I liked). I can’t stop listening to it. There’s really good stuff in there. [Amazon


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