I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while, and I want to do it, but the project would require a lot of time that I do not have. So here is the idea for someone else to take and make.

The point of this site is to help people build sites they are dreaming of building (THE IRONY).

Description: A site that you sign into with Github. You create a new project and then point it at a publicly accessible Git repo containing a suite of tests that you wrote for your project. Yes, you have to write all the tests first.

But here is the cool part: people can fork your project of tests, build the app that the tests are testing and then issue a pull request. You then can initiate tests (here be some magic) via a brand new EC2 instance that gets fired up, and if all tests pass you can accept the pull request and thank/pay/whatever the person who submitted the completed or partial project.

before this i wrote 2012 music project — january after this i wrote toad


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