Last night I wanted to watch a movie so I went to iTunes and started sorting by stars when I realized something: I don’t generally like the most popular films in theaters, so why am I using everyone else’s star ratings to find good movies?

What does a four out of five star ranking actually mean?

Then I remembered an old idea I kicked around a bit before MLKSHK that I hope someone will someday make.

I originally registered the name which describes how I think it would work on the front-end.

The one sentence way to describe it is this: Drag and drop movies* to order them from left to right, ranking them as good to bad. The data generated from these, what I call “taste fingerprints”, would be used to help find other movies that people have ranked above identical taste fingerprints of others.

That is, if I ranked some heist movies like this:


And you ranked some heist movies like this:


The service would possibly suggest Sneakers as a movie you might enjoy because we ranked The Getaway and Reservoir Dogs the same. (I say possibly because it should rely on a larger set of data, not just my single ranking.)

The assumption here is if people rank movies in a certain order relative to each other as you rank the same movies in a similar order, then there is a likelihood you might enjoy a movie they ranked higher than that match.

You could do this with genres, but also arbitrary categories like Woody Allen films or films shot in a certain location. As long as someone creates a set and enough people contribute rankings there would be enough data to make guesses for you.

I will build this someday if you don‘t.

* or books, or video games, or iOS apps.

before this i wrote :q! after this i wrote flickchart


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