One of the things about having a child is you find yourself returning to things you loved as a kid. We went to Disneyland recently and every single damn ride was AMAZING. I was watching my son’s face light up as we turned corners inside of It’s A Small World when all of a sudden I was grinning at the dancing kids and singing along.

Same with Legos. Painting. Rolling around on the floor. And rockets.

I was a HUGE model rocket collector and launcher. Here’s a family launching one if you’ve never seen one go before:

We built every sort of rocket and dramatized stories around each launch. We pretended to be astronauts and walked slowly around empty fields like we were performing astronaut duties like fixing transponders (whatever those were).

So the other day I saw this:

It’s a Windows/Mac game/simulation that lets you do an incredible amount of planning, building, and launching of rockets into space, and to the moon if you wish. Apparently they plan is to also allow your astronauts to explore other planets as well. So cool!

My son is 3 so not quite ready for this, but I cannot wait until we finally get to the point where this stuff is interesting to him.

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