I switch Twitter desktop applications often. For reading on iOS it’s either Twitterrific or Tweetbot, but on the desktop I want something much more robust with all the noodle-y little features a heavy user like myself would like to waste/save time with.

(So I decided to write them here, but it’s times like this I wish I had a wiki-type site instead of a weblog so I could keep editing this file and have it rise to the top.)

  1. Show me what my friends have liked. Similar to stellar.io but I want it in an app and without a follow limit. Also I would love to see the most popular or retweeted tweets for the past 24 hours in one view.
  2. Ability to turn off all retweets or only show retweets. I love retweets because they usually have great links in them, but I also dislike them when they get in the way of simply catching up with people.
  3. Save for later. I hate using favorites to track save things I want to read later.
  4. Twitter’s Tweetie-era app still allows for keyboard commands. This is essential for me. I am not so sure they will stick around when Twitter launches the next version given their iOS (BUY TAMPONS SPONSORED TWEET) release.
  5. Ability to quickly add someone to a must-read list. I keep some private lists for stuff I absolutely can’t miss, but adding and removing people from it is so hard to do.
  6. Pre-load every image and display it inline. I hate waiting for images to load even though they’re already thumb-nailed inline. I have bandwidth to burn, please use it.
  7. Separate Webkit view for URLs. Two reasons for this:
    1. I can trace where the URL was originally opened from.
    2. If it has tabs I can keep my work browsing separate from my Twitter browsing.

Itchy coding fingers wish I could make this. But…if I were going to dedicate some time to a desktop application it’d probably be an email app that was smart enough to know what to do with email as it arrives. Hotel reservations? Add to iCal. Super extensible rule plugins. Keyboard navigation. Better filing. Blah…blah…blah.

before this i wrote how twitter works after this i wrote :q!


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