It’s not a list, it’s a series of paragraphs. It’s actually about tech blogs again. Did you read the one about the best dressed geeks? Yeah? Cool!

The stuff below might be incorrect! Ah well, best dressed people of tech win again.

Did you read the story about Parkmobile? Apparently some guy used a non-governmental service* that let him pay for his parking meter while he was at a baseball game. The city was made aware of the location of his car by Parkmobile (which shared his license plate number) and dispatched a truck to tow him because he had unpaid speeding tickets.

That is: a private company informed the city’s parking enforcement of the location of someone’s car that had unpaid speeding tickets.

People who commit speeding violations are terrible, and anyone with unpaid speeding tickets is twice the jerk, but there is a feeling in my mind that using a private company would shield me from a connection to my city’s police department. That their privacy policy would restrict the sharing of my license plate or name or any information I’ve stored with them with the local government who can then act on that info.

I didn’t see this story in the tech blogs so I thought I’d write about it.

* The entire article is pretty wordy and paced slowly for dramatic effect, but the relevant bit is three paragraphs from the bottom.

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