I’d like someone* to make an app where people can subscribe to newsletters, but they’re only mailed when you click a button that is a proxy for “I just sat down for coffee” or “I just sat on the toilet” or “I am delaying going to bed.” Perhaps it’s an iPhone app where I can pick through channels I want to subscribe to and a button that basically permits the email to be sent.

If I never press the button I am never sent the email. If I do press the button only the latest ones are sent to me.

I get nextdraft.com every morning. It usually arrives a little after noon, which is a great time because it’s usually when I am having lunch. A great time to get caught up with what’s going on. It’s nice, but some days I don’t have time for it so I don’t want it in my inbox.

* not me! Maybe you!

before this i wrote some kickstarter projects i am backing after this i wrote we met on the internet


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