You probably didn’t notice this, but some of my posts here recently have taken on a theme. I am working through some ideas about how I am using my time, and behind the scenes I’ve been making a few changes.

Just an example: I unfollowed almost 200 Twitter accounts in the past two days. I realized I was following a lot of noisy, repetitive, echoey accounts. Not friends, or friends following me already, but those accounts I accumulated over the past year or so that weren’t really doing me any good.

After I wrote I Give Up I started thinking about those things in my day that I give too much time to, only to be rewarded with a lack of time and no new skills or knowledge.

I missed this the first time it made the rounds, but game developer @jonbro linked to it this morning and so I spent an hour drinking coffee and enjoying it.

There are some really good gems in this that I found revelatory. Especially the part where he talks about stripping down some of the most popular types of games (both video and gambling) into their core mechanics. These are actually very boring activities dressed up in bleeding-edge graphics or temporary feelings of accomplishment.

While watching, this talk started resonating the way other things in my life are set up to appear to be enjoyable experiences but are actually pretty grueling. Twitter without the stars (favorites) and feelings of missing out looks more like an unrewarding use of time for me.

I am not ready to chuck it all and quit Twitter, there is still a lot of value in it, but I certainly have enjoyed what my purge has given me back in time saved and updates from people I actually care to listen to.

before this i wrote twitter hindsight after this i wrote some kickstarter projects i am backing


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