I am shuffling some ideas around in my head but I wanted to put down all the elements before I forget about it. I might revisit when I can form a better post. You might find some of these links interesting.

  1. A very good conversation is starting here on this Branch about how to design your projects. It was interesting because the first two respondents are his investors and advisors who also have a lot of experience with the questions. (Unrelatedly there are neat things going on in the UI with Branch.)
  2. I tweeted a quote and link to @jbouie’s post about tech writing. But I think the sentence I quoted: “An implicit network, not overt racism, keeps tech writing dominated by white men” goes beyond tech writing and beyond “white men”. There is a lot in there.
  3. This story from AVC where Fred misses the point of Airbnb because they can’t identify with the need for sleeping on people’s floors.
  4. Did you know Path was hit with an $800,000 fine for collecting people’s address books without their consent?
  5. The Only Black Guy at the Indie Rock Show


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