Less than two weeks ago I whittled my 2,000 feeds to about 100. I had to do this in the piece of trash that Google Reader had become and it spurred that blog post about how to deal with its limitations for others who might run into the same problem.

The reason I still use Google Reader is that I absolutely adore Reeder for Mac (and iPhone and iPad). Reeder uses Google Reader as the engine for its display and synchronization. To me nothing beats a native app when it comes to reading RSS and Reeder was worth paying for on each of my devices.

So although I am annoyed to find out that Google is killing Reader on July 1, I am hopeful someone (Newsblur?) can work with Reeder to keep the app going.

I don’t think this “kills RSS” as some people on Twitter have said, if anything it is good news for people who actually care about RSS and are building a business on it.

Now RSS is going to have someone spending their time delivering the best service they can, rather than spending their time trying to figure out what ads it could inject in between posts.


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