notes a weblog by andre torrez. the archives are available by category and month if you're looking for something in particular.

this design is based on michael sippey's (un)filtered weblog which he has allowed me to duplicate. it uses the silk icon set from i donated £10. totally worth it.

to publish notes i use two applications:

  • mars edit is a solid piece of software for updating your weblog. i cannot recommend it enough.
  • typepad is perfect for people who want the power of movabletype without the headache of system administration (cough)Perl(cough).

i can also be found on flickr, linkedin, twitter,,

i can be contacted two ways, i usually reply pretty quickly to 

or on aim i am andretorrez.

i am the co-founder of simpleform and have been working as a web developer for over fifteen years. you can read more on

i live in san francisco with my awesome wife and our awesome son. i use apple computers. i work in san francisco. i love music. i love software.

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