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A few weeks ago, standing at baggage claim with my family, I checked Twitter to see Austin Kleon mentioning me with a screenshot I didn’t recognize of something I wrote here a bit ago.

Totally out of context, I had no idea what was going on. By the time we were in our car I discovered Austin had used the line from that blog post in his book “Steal Like an Artist”.

Now a few weeks on, after reading the book, I can say I am so unbelievably proud to have such a tiny part to do with that book. It’s a subject I have talked about with friends, but never with the clarity and precision Austin does in this book. You should buy this book. You should buy two copies of this book because someone is going to borrow your copy and never give it back to you.

I have always wanted to write a book. I have these little ideas and thoughts I end up either throwing here or launching into over beers with friends. I also have had these thoughts about taste and how just simply having it and knowing you have it is good enough to get started. But this book is better than the book I could have written on that subject.

So maybe I never get to write that book, but holy crap am I happy to know I have a couple inches of space in the book that so perfectly nails it.

YES! Art for our office. Signed and numbered print called Bird Vision by Lisa Hanawalt:

You can get your own here.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blatant, obvious rip-off of a design by a clothing company.

Normally I wouldn’t get this upset, but this design in particular was made for my wife as a gift so it really hurts to see it stolen.

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I can hardly believe this is true: Gary Taxali was commissioned to design the backs of six 25¢ Canadian coins.

The backstory is a great read, including the bit about the origin of his own last name.

Birthday f C3 A0te

[via Drawn!]

Photos of photographers posing with their most iconic images

Steve mccurry

Steve McCurry holds his 1984 photo of a young woman from Peshawar, Pakistan. "I looked for this girl for 17 years and finally found her in 2002. Her name is Sharbat Gula."

[via James Duncan Davidson]

Watch Dutch artist Max Zorn create translucent street art using only brown packing tape and a scalpel.

via The Presurfer

Saving this because I want my wife to see it. Via Brain Picker comes these illustrations by Sigmund Freud’s niece.

Star Wars themed snowflakes.

If you were a fan of We ♥ Prints my wife has expanded and moved it to a new site that not only publishes prints, but all forms of art that is affordable and good. It's called Hey Stuff and she's been posting several items a day so be sure to add it to your newsreader.

My wife has started a new companion weblog to her very popular We♥Prints site called We♥Art.

In her searches for affordable prints she tends to run into the not-so-affordable but beautiful works of art that she wants to point to. Really stunning stuff over there.