I’m happy to discover Tom Gauld has a book coming out soon called “Goliath”. You probably know his work if not his name.


“Goliath” is a graphic novel telling the story of David and Goliath from the giant's point of view.

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You can pre-order it on Amazon.

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SuperMutant Magic Academy “Art Project”. I love this.

Also, sentient robots are so hot, Wendy.

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Some People by Luke Pearson Just fantastic stuff. If you don't read comics you're missing out on some great story telling.

I need to hit the comic book store again. I haven't bought a new one in almost a year!

I don't even draw comics for fun, but this weblog from an artist about his tools is completely fascinating to me. I can blow a day shopping for art supplies.

Here's a microsite for a graphic novel about Laika the first animal in space. Definitely going to buy this one.

It's always so hard to know if a comic book (hate that term graphic novel, it's worse than "adult motel") is right for me, I usually just flip through it real fast to make sure I'm buying something I want to look at for a hundred pages. I can't read the dialog because it usually gives something away, so it's almost always a guess—which is part of the fun, I think.

A new comic book store opened up near our apartment called Neon Monster. It's good.

A Randall Munroe interview. My favorite type of comedy is the kind that manages to make a joke about something you thought only existed in your own head. It's so rare when someone can consistently do that.