Can I just say the second most exciting thing happening a week from now is me wearing my fancy new suit? If I could wear it every day to work I would. The list looks like this:

  1. Marrying Amber Costley.
  2. Wearing mah suit.
  3. Fiji.
  4. Packing for a trip and not taking a coat. None!

I just got home from a nice Thanksgiving with my parents and a really boring drive from Central California to San Francisco. Being in a car that long reminds me why I don't drive anymore. Plus I got my first speeding ticket ever in California, so that added to the disappointment.

Amber and I picked up our marriage license today. As we waited for the guy to print up the final document we were joking and laughing like newlyweds should. We've gotten pretty silly these days. Afterwards we grabbed a cup of coffee and talked about our future.

I just wanted to write that down somewhere. It was a nice morning.

I'll be too busy to post links tomorrow, so I'll clean out the delicious queue today.

I'm having a nice day today. Slow going but lots of good talks about stuff and projects. Here are some links I collected in and thought were worth sharing:


Wow, these are kinda stale. I blame our vacation. Thank god you don't pay for this crap. The W+K London one is cute.

Today is such a dreary day in Sausalito, the clouds have rolled in and there are intermittent showers—I love it. It's perfect weather for being indoors today.

Here's some links:

It's Friday, I should get in the habit of cleaning out the backlog of links every week.

Because of FM's CMSummit (woo!) I wasn't on my computer much and consequently fired up Google reader to 1000+ unread items.

I just read them all. Here's some good links I found that I figured people might like:

Haven't culled my links in a while, here are some good ones: