I missed the video of this talk the first time around. There’s a shout-out to MLKSHK in the middle, but that’s not why you should watch it. Jon Bell delivers a captivating talk about “Design Relevance”.

I can’t stop sharing this with people.

Thirty five people changed their Pennsylvania license plates to invite Jessica Hische to come speak to their organization. See it at: invitinghische.com.

Do not miss Mike’s 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Designers. You don’t have to be a designer to feel the sting of some of these truths.

I'm so curious how this board actually rides. The wheels + bearings must make it weigh a ton, and all those wheels seem like it wouldn't go very fast because of the varying friction. Still, I'd love to try it here in SF.

Found this on Laughing Squid.

Here are some free, clean looking icons for you to download.

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No two snowflakes are alike? Not so fast. Now I can't UNSEE that snowflake, I'm going to see it everywhere. Just like the clouds/bushes in Super Mario Brothers.

Found via Coudal, who by the way, runs such a fantastic link blog I tend to never repost stuff from their feed because I figure everyone reads them. But if you don't, you should start.

This folding bike would probably be incredibly impractical and hard to fix and find parts. But it is soooooo prettttttty.

"I'm Quite Taken With This Image"

Me too.

My appreciation for wine is pretty limited, but I do love a good wine label. Logan Signature Wines are very nice.

(My favorite beer right now has my favorite label: Pliny The Elder)

This iPhone/Touch skin is made to work with an App built for the visually impaired. It appears there is no App available at this time, however. For now it's more like a special keyboard with no application. Still a great idea. [via slantback]