I’ve become fond of a weblog called Everyday Carry. When I decided to dust off my newsreader I asked some friends for their OPMLs so I could see what they were reading and Everyday Carry was one that came in a bundle of consumer-centric feeds Adam Mathes read for Decommodify.

The basic idea is people send in photos of what they carry every day, with a little summary of what the items are and possibly a little backstory on how they acquired the item. The goal seems to be minimalism crossed with preparedness, and so there is a theme amongst the enthusiasts that I’ve been able to observe. Most carry a light, a bit of rope, a hook of some sort, a small number of keys (usually one), a knife, a wallet, and a watch.

Each post has a followup by the editor thanking them for the contribution and praising or offering a gentle suggestion about how they could achieve a more efficient everyday carry.

There are no Amazon encoded links to buy your own, that feels noteworthy.

Some time ago I decided I would not carry a bag and laptop into work. I keep my work iMac at the office and commute with only my keys, a wallet, and iPhone (with standard earbuds). My keys have an Inka Pen keychain that has saved me more times than I can count.

I don’t imagine I would ever submit to Everyday Carry, but the site is a bright spot as I read through my feeds.

This is ONE 48" firework shell:

[via Coudal]

Good morning! (via The Presurfer)

Andy mentioned something about Imgur’s most popular files based on views, so I figured I could find something for MLKSHK.

So here are the top 20 files from this year based on number of likes received. Note that the first one was our full-page ad in Longshot Magazine that the members of MLKSHK paid for.

  1. MLKSHK ad for Long Shot Magazine

    Views: 1,804 Likes: 165

  2. best wedding pictures ever... scroll down

    Views:1,392,030 Likes: 144

  3. .______________________.

    Views: 1,261 Likes: 136

  4. NY Times Crossword

    Views: 35,752 Likes: 119

  5. I'm done.

    Views: 1,732 Likes: 118

  6. Lovers, not fighters.

    Views: 63,952 Likes: 117

  7. Teen TXT Lingo.jpg

    Views: 26,735 Likes: 102

  8. Beard Slap

    Views: 4,889 Likes: 101

  9. Trollin

    Views: 578 Likes: 100

  10. A Sunday Afternoon In The Park

    Views: 1,314 Likes: 98

  11. New Star Wars BluRay edit.gif

    Views: 90,934 Likes: 95

  12. Wearing my new favorite button

    Views: 2,085 Likes: 85

  13. Blue Screen of DEATH

    Views: 2,131 Likes: 85

  14. Epc Crstms Crd

    Views: 2,041 Likes: 84

  15. Whale Thing

    Views: 1,366 Likes: 82

  16. "Chevy wants to put some ads on MetaFilter, check out this mockup of what they had in mind"

    Views: 7,211 Likes: 81

  17. Anticipation

    Views: 554 Likes: 81

  18. Last one, I swear.

    Views: 2,209 Likes: 79

  19. the jesus

    Views: 29,936 Likes: 76

  20. Tavis Smiley and Cornel West hearing the news from Bill O’Reilly that nobody on Wall St. committed any crimes.

    Views: 583 Likes: 76

You are drowning in feeds and URLs. You want an email every morning that tells you what was important yesterday: nextdraft.com.

I’ve been subscribed to NextDraft since September and I love it. It is exactly what I need to keep track of stuff I missed the day before. Every day it seems like there were ten must-read things on the web and Dave manages to find them all.

Here is last Friday’s. See? That is exactly what you have been looking for.

There's a project in San Francisco called The Awesome Project (link to news article) that is actually a pretty good idea—but, San Francisco being San Francisco there is the inevitable project that is creating "audio tours for ferry rides across the San Francisco Bay that address the consequences of rising sea levels." Christ. Or done to death "displays pictures of the sky taken every 10 seconds for a year from a camera atop the Exploratorium."

Anyway, Twitter account here. Web site here. Let's hope there are more "string zip-lines from the Transamerica Pyramid" and less "paint a flower for every prarie dog that will die today."

UPDATE: I just re-read this and I don't know why I'm so grumpy about these ideas. Idea people really should just use Kickstarter though.

Imagesoak is a fantastic application for finding things to read and look at based on the interesting photos and images that accompany them. Nevermind what I just said, just go there and start scrolling. I've already made it my homepage.

Mail Me Daily, how it works:

  1. enter a website and email address
  2. check your email every morning for updates
  3. rejoice

Justin Watt, one of the finest engineers at Federated Media (and one of the best I ever worked with), is headed out on a trip around the world with his girlfriend Stephanie.

The best part, and something that is typical of Justin and Stephanie's attitudes in life, is they don't really have an end date planned.

While I don't think I ever had the courage to quit my job and set sail around the world, I feel pretty cool to know some people who are actually doing it. I do hope they can blog it all.

An astronaut on the International Space Station is taking pictures of the Earth and sending them to Twitpic.