“What can you tell a person you been wit’ for forty years?”

Italianamerican (dir. Martin Scorsese; 1974)

[via Kung Fu Grippe]

Kid Casting. When a movie has a flashback of a character as a child. So good.

A whole lot of Easter Eggs in Pixar's Up. I finally saw the movie so now I'm reading old reviews and opinions. I loved the first 30 minutes but I surprised myself by not loving the rest of it. Maybe I need to see it again?

Ben Brown and Katie Spence (the husband and wife team that previously brought you the very funny and cute iwanttoseethatparticularmovieyougotthere podcast) are launching a movie super-site dedicated to all movies on DVD, silver screen, BluRays, and surely day-long movies as well (timely!), for you to categorize and store for later.

It's called HOORAY MOVIES!

And the best part: many kinds of data feeds for the mishing and the mashing of movies for you to build things on top of their data.

Nelson figures out his Netflix usage means he's paying about $11 a disc. I calculated mine over four years and it comes in at just over $2 a disc—that's just about what it'd cost me if I rented from my local store.

An interesting calculation would be to see how many discs I've actually watched. I'm very good at sending back what I won't watch.

[You can find out how many discs you've returned here] (this is screaming for a proper analyzation script, of course.)

Funny stuff from Olde English, a parody of the parody that is Juno creator Diablo Cody.

Someone spliced David Lynch into an iPhone commercial.

I like the composition of this short bio of Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard. It would be interesting to see many people featured this way: some passing away on the left and new people in history being born on the right. found on coudal.

Untraceable might be the worst tech movie ever made, but the trailer is fucking hilarious. Not as good as Blow'd Up, but damn close. found on plastic bag.

So bummed "Walk Hard" was brought to us by "the guy who brought you Talladega Nights". I just bought the first season of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job" on iTunes and was reminded of how good John C. Reilly is.

Note: if you listen to The Sound of Young America you'll notice a correlation between stuff I watch/buy/talk about and stuff on that show. I just thought I'd point that out before you realized it.