This year I will be listening to music from 1987. It looks like a good year. My wife and I went down that list talking about the bands that we loved and others we didn’t yet know.


After clearing off my whole collection on Rdio I downloaded Guns N' Roses’ “Appetite for Destruction”, Prince’s “Sign ‘☮’ the Times”, and Dinosaur Jr.’s “You’re Living All Over Me”.

In 1987 I was VERY aware of Guns N' Roses and Prince due to MTV, but I wouldn’t discover Dinosaur Jr. until I got to college a few years later. “You’re Living All Over Me” is very likely one of my 20 favorite albums of all time. The other two I haven’t heard since they were popular. I am curious how the stuff I continued to listen to (Dinosaur, Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain) compares to the stuff I left back in 1987 (U2, REM, Depeche Mode).

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized how fun this project is going to be. Just flip through that list above: Public Enemy’s “Yo! Bum Rush the Show”, Big Black “Songs About Fucking”, The Replacements, the whole very underground Industrial genre I never really paid attention to…

I am pretty excited. Let’s see if I still am December 2013.

4x Hot for Teacher from Matt Haughey on Vimeo.

A thing I’ll be doing to track my music for the project is summing up my favorites for the month.

Though January was rough, so far I think I found three good albums I’ll be listening to all year. If you have Rdio then you can play the albums in-line. Otherwise I included links to their Amazon pages where you can play them.

Palomar was a nice surprise. Turns out I actually remember when the band was getting started because a member of a site I run was in it and he sent me an album. Small world. [Amazon]

Dead Dog reminds me of the bands I used to see in the mid-90s in Southern California at places with names like No Life Records, The Ukranian Hall, Dizzy Debbies, or some random strip-mall record store in the Valley or Orange County. Loud and fuzzy 2-minute songs that were always under the spectre of being shut down any minute. That whole time in my life I was incredibly young and just wanted to hear loud music, get drunk, and have an excuse to do really stupid things. Anyway, here’s Dead Dog. [Amazon]

Cloud Nothings. I haven’t figured out this album yet. It’s unlike their last album (which I liked). I can’t stop listening to it. There’s really good stuff in there. [Amazon

When you swing a guitar without strap locks.

Someone followed to clues in the song to figure out when Ice Cube had a “Good Day”.

[via @ztaylor]

Only listening to music from 2012 so far: sucks. I pretty much stayed away from 2011, but only a couple weeks into the new year and there is seriously nothing. Help me if you know something good, because I am dying over here. I heard the new Sleigh Bells way more than I could deal. And the Miniature Tigers new song is okay…but not what I was hoping for. Come on new music Tuesday!

Meanwhile I decided I can’t stop participating over on This Is My Jam because it’s just too much fun. So far I haven’t been able to share any new music with anyone over there, but I have my fingers crossed as we hit the end of the month and get past all the albums the labels dumped after the new year.

In 2010 I had a project where I only listened to music released in 2010 (except for January 2010: I listened to anything released in 2009 because I mean come on…). It was a fun experiment that introduced me to TONS of bands and music that I still listen to now.

The project changed me a bit. I feel like I can point to 2010 as the year I let go of a lot of shitty music in my past and shook loose a lot of the conceptions I had about what I liked.

There was a story today on the NYTimes about what a shitty year it was for music* but I don’t believe it**. I think it was a shitty year for whatever label-manufactured band that I saw plastered on busses and walls on my way to work, but music is always good. There is always good stuff out there if you look.

To illustrate my point, I am not even kidding, someone just pointed me to an Australian garage band I’d never heard of called “Eddy Current Suppression Ring” on This Is My Jam. Released just this past October:

Isn’t that great?

So yeah, I am doing my music experiment again. This time I’ll blog it here and on This Is My Jam rather than on a separate weblog. It’s hard. It’s fun. But it reminds me that music is always good if you’re willing to look and not worry if some label’s great hope didn’t materialize.

* The worst part is they lead off with the (terrible) return of one of my favorite bands and rhythm sections of all time. I saw Sublime play quite a few times in clubs and backyards (nearly 20 years ago!) before they blew it and Brad died. Stupid stupid stupid.

** THIS GUY knows what I’m talking about

I'm giving Apple's new product Ping a try. For no reason other than I hope they do implement these things, here is a few stuff I wish it would do.

  • Keep track of every song I listen to and post it someplace with charts and shit. I still have to use
  • An open REST API so I can pull that data or permit other applications to pull that data.
  • Treat my collection as one group, not of stuff I bought from iTunes and stuff I didn't buy from iTunes.
  • I don't want to like someone's like.

Anyway, you can follow me here.

Just a reminder: I'm writing another weblog over here. It's documenting my year of only listening to music from 2010 and I would love any suggestions you have.

I would go to this Coachella and love it.