I want to believe. Really I do. But the Nexus One still seems to draw two complaints in reviews:

  • A lot of UI work to be done to homogenize applications
  • Phone UI itself rough around the edges
  • Jeff Clavier on GDGT

When I was a kid there was this science show (I forget the name) that discussed an example of a ball falling to the ground. The question posed was what if the ball halved the distance each second, how long would it take for the ball to hit the ground? The answer was infinity, and that's what I feel like with Android.

Each iteration seems LEAPS ahead of the previous version. Apparently this phone hardware is much faster and has a very nice screen, but the UI still needs "an iteration or two" and that's the problem for me. They keeping needing that.

When they get microscopically close, perhaps I'll take another look, but I'm beginning to feel like it's just never going to happen.