I keep a Twitter account of things my son says. I know everyone’s kid is hilarious, but I think I am good at remembering to write them down. Here are some of my favorites.

There are some tree swings popping up in my neighborhood. Gonna see if I can take Mark there sometime this week.

I’ve been meaning to point to Adam’s new site: Decommodify.

He just posted about his frustrations with his alarm clock. While I don’t use an alarm clock, we do have a clock in our bedroom* that I absolutely love simply because I don’t think about it much.


Right up until I read Adam’s post I forgot that we even have this in our room, yet I look at it several times a day when getting ready to go to work or to bed. It’s my dream clock and I wish I knew how to get more because I would fill my house and office with them.

I joked with Amber the other day that I’d be more of a minimalist if I could just stop being a nostalgist. Every time I sit down to throw stuff out I run into that dumb painting my co-workers got me for that one birthday or a CD that rode with me in my little pickup as I made deliveries in Los Angeles over fifteen years ago.

I didn’t upgrade my iPhone4 to the 4s and very likely won’t. It’s not because I’m attached to this version I’ve carried with me for a while now (it’s actually a replacement for the one I originally purchased). It feels more due to that clock up there. They really got this one right and other than a new camera (this one is fine for pictures of my son) I don’t see a reason. The phone has sort of blended into my life in a way that a faster chip or better camera isn’t going to change much.

I will probably upgrade when this one breaks. I wish I could for that clock.

* It appears you can purchase one here I’m not 100% sure that is the same, but it looks like it.

I had a really nice birthday today.

I was alone in my office and away from son who is too sick to go to school, so I was a bit sad about that. But then someone on Twitter remembered it was my birthday, and as other people noticed they wished me a happy birthday. I was on a conference call with a client and they broke into a happy birthday song at the end of the call.

I put a good day in and got some stuff done, but I’m leaving a bit early to spend the rest of today with my family.

I briefly mentioned it in our last State of the Shake but this has been a very challenging couple of months for us as we split our time between contracting and working on MLKSHK. When I left my job I signed up for challenging so it’s to be expected, but this was a nice way to end the month.

Thanks, friends.

So there's another Andre Torrez on the web. And not just on the web but in my city. And not just in my city but writing for a local paper called the San Francisco Bay Guardian. AND not just for the local paper, but the local MUSIC section of the paper which is something I was briefly connected to while in Sweetie.

See for yourself.

I sort of want to meet someone who has the same name as me, but then what? Do we just shake hands? I am pretty sure we're not related since my last name was altered by my grandfather.

Once when I was a kid my mom excitedly ran over to me with the newspaper opened to the obituaries column because someone named Andres Torrez had died. I remember she was so excited that it didn't really register in her mind that she was showing her son an obituary of someone who happened to have the same name as me.

When I made a bit of a sour face at this, it suddenly hit her what she was doing and she took it away from me, folded it up, and acted like it didn't happen. Later that day I asked her if I could clip it out she said she had thrown it away and I shouldn't be so morbid.

A year ago today my awesome wife started her contractions early in the morning and by MIDNIGHT we were holding our little boy. Today Mark is one year old.

My Little Boy Is 1 Year Old Today

There really are no words to describe how important my family is to me or how much Mark has completely changed everything in my life. It was surprising (but not unexpected) to see this crazed, instinctual dad show up on day one.

What was not expected was that I discovered this incredible feeling of admiration for my own parents. Somewhere after college (when loans were paid off) I think I took for granted all the hard work they put into raising us. I'm tearing up just writing this now. What a wonderful thing.

I've been a little busy lately: on October 27th Amber and I had a son. His name is Mark Patrick Torrez and he's the greatest. Absolutely the greatest. I am in heaven.

Since I don't explicitly write much biographical posts, I figure once in a while won't be too bothersome. I think the last time I updated my site that way it was the night before Amber and I were married. Since then we've been to Fiji [best vacation ever] and then got down to baby conceiving [success!].

Another life-changing event happened just yesterday: we bought a car. We'd been carless for over a year. While I LOVE taking public transportation and walking a mile to catch a train to take me two miles to catch a bus to take me five miles into work every day, I'd prefer that my future son or daughter did not have to admit to friends twenty years from now that they had been born in the back of a taxi.

So now we have this car and well…I LOVE IT ZOMG!!!1! I think the thing that will change the most is that I can stay up a little later and sleep in a little later. It means my day isn't ruled by the bus schedule out of Sausalito and I can pick up all the crackers and yogurt my wife needs.

Also: bitchin' stereo.

These emails from people's mothers are killing me! My own mom could have written some of these. The nice random ones, though, not the sad depressed ones. found on fresh arrival.

I've been so busy the past two weeks I have pretty much lost all contact with Google Reader. Lots of good stuff coming up, I'll tell you about it when you're older. For now here's an update:

I bought a reissue of my favorite skateboard from when I was a teenager. Amber helped me get around the loophole of not buying video games in 2008 by buying me Professor Layton and the Curious Village. My good friend Mat Honan became an Internet celebrity for creating Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle.

Plus it's been raining all week and I love rain so I'm particularly happy these days. Tonight I'm going to scan my old skate zines.