Something interesting happened on TV recently and NOBODY NOTICED except Kevin.

I thought I had big news: Dooce has signed a development deal with HGTV. How cool is that?

Truthful Title Cards. Heroes and the Amazing Race are my favorites.

"I'm not here to make friends" is a montage of a common phrase found in reality TV shows. found on jonson's weblog

In our new house we are finally using the HD Tivo with Comcast and getting back into television. We're currently hooked on The Deadliest Catch. I think my wife has a crush on Edgar…I think I have a crush on Edgar.

This HD time-lapse of a Cinco de Mayo carnival is gorgeously synched to music. Reminds me of my friend Andy's clam-bake. They are both very artfully done. twittered by brownpau

On the other side of the scale is this soundless video of people lined-up for hours to buy a 23-cent pizza.

Both videos are terribly fascinating to me, for different reasons of course.

This morning CNN ran a headline on their front page with the word "sklorks". It'd been bugging me all day, so tonight when I got home I Googled it and new hero.

Kelly Chambers draws pictures inspired by CNN's awful headlines. There is no shortage.

Link says his catch phrase more than there were episodes of the American "Legend of Zelda" cartoon. found on maniacalrage

Watch as Robert Reed, the man who played Mike Brady on the "Brady Bunch", makes an impassioned, cogent argument about why he would not be in the last episode of the series. It's both very funny to read and sad to consider how neurotic and tortured he must have been playing Mike. found on the Damn Hell Ass Kings

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing The Simpsons stealthily quoted in publications like the New York Times.

Except maybe the writers of "30 Rock" dropping a reference to Lemon Party on NBC. Not even the first time!

A funny Youtube video recorded on the picket lines. Writers and actors (and writer/actors) of "The Office" talk about what this is really about. And it's funny.