Did you hear about that $599 all-you-can-jet, Jet Blue promotion? Well now you have.

And here is a trip someone is going to document.

CEO's Guide To Jetting by Jetblue. Funny videos aimed at CEOs only please. Directed by Bob "Freakin'" Odenkirk!

We're back in San Francisco after visiting Amsterdam and Brussels for two weeks. I have 500+ photos to sift through and upload, hundreds of sites to catch up on, and I haven't checked but I'm assuming several thousand work-related pieces of email. Federated Media loves its email.

But aside from all that data to digest I'm happy to be home and happy to be in San Francisco. It only took one 12 hour flight + a full night's rest to reset my clock.


Taking a little weblog holiday. When I return I'll have wondrous news.

It's so wondrous I don't even know what it is yet, but it's always worthwhile to expect something outstanding. Otherwise, why bother?

Please leave links and bacon recipes for me in the comments.

Seems like more and more people are going to India these days. Here are some notes sent by Nick Gray to Zach's girlfriend.

While discussing our pending Germany trip:

Amber: Guten abend!
Me: It's not "guten nacht"?
Amber: Close, "nacht" is only for when you're really going to bed. And it's "gute".
Me: Ahh "gute nacht".
Amber: Yup. (Surprised) How did you know the word for "night"? Are you listening to tapes too?
Me: No, uh, "Kristallnacht" was this horrific event in Jewish German history where there was a concerted effort by Goebbels to terrorize and imprison thousands of Jews. It translates to "Crystal Night" in reference to the windows being smashed of shops and the mayhem in general.
Amber: Oh...

Me: Sorry. All the German I know comes from the History Channel and beer labels.

My best of 2005 doesn't really stick to any one medium. I tried listing my favorite music this year, but some of it was recorded in 1993. I tried listing some favorite movies, but I couldn't think of anything I got on Netflix this year that wasn't a TV show or made in some year like 1993. So then I thought about books and there was just the one I thought was worth reading.

So here are my favorite things of 2005. In no particular order.


I was in Italy with my gf for a couple of weeks. Two weeks of no Internet or web browsing (okay, 10 minutes of CNN.com + Kottke + Waxy in the hotel but the connection died and never came back). We went to Sardinia (Alghero), Rome, then Venice. It was highly enjoyable and relaxing—and nothing to do with the Pope, I swear.

As is my M.O., I told hardly anyone I was going. It felt nice to just disappear for a bit. Drop out. (Only Dakota noticed).

We just got back a few minutes ago and I wanted to check my mail and make sure nothing awful happened. Nothing awful happened. In fact I think I like this whole spend more than 36 minutes (my current commute) away from the computer.

That said, I should go to sleep. I have the wobbly jet lag bends. It's like 11am somewhere and I should be sipping an espresso and nibbling on some prosciutto (which my auto-correction is trying to change to prostitute...)


B0002uryyi01a8d6jg7eef1iu_scmzzzzzzz_It occurred to me after we landed in Long Beach that my girlfriend had me smuggle this bath BOMB from SF in my luggage.

I spent the weekend in San Francisco and hung out a with a few friends. After last month's project I needed a couple days to myself in another city I could easily explore, so SF seemed like the natural choice. I spent a large part of it by myself just walking until I felt like turning and walking in a different direction. I even spent some of my nights programming. I turned the television off, ordered up a hefty room service bill, and wrote some code I'd been meaning to write. It amazed me how much I could churn out, and I think in the future I'll make another trip like this if I ever need to get a lot of work done.